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IT Consulting Services - For End-Clients and Vendors (Tier1 / Preferred)
If you need contract IT Professionals for your direct projects or direct clients needs
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IT Placement Services - For Resource Vendors
If you employ IT Consultants and would like to market and place them on Contract (temporary) positions with Tier1 or Preferred Vendors of End-Clients
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IT Recruiting Services - For Projects and End-Clients
If you need IT Professionals for your direct projects and needs -Contract (temporary) or Contract-to-Permanent positions or if you need to strengthen or supplement your recruiting function and efforts
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The AGREYA leadership is a motivated and results-driven entrepreneurial team. They bring a wealth of diverse skills. significant experience and ideas, innovative concepts and business strategies that are the very foundations for AGREYA. They have been instrumental in building teams and motivating them to perform, growing sales revenues by multi million-dollar levels, enhancing profits, implementing cost control initiatives and developing new products during past associations.


AGREYA leadership exude willingness and ability to draw the vision from their people and inspire and empower those people to do what it takes to bring the vision into reality. They nurture and encourage their people to be open, creative, and innovative and find what it takes to achieve their shared objectives.


At the core of the leadership philosophies of AGREYA is the emphasis on the high standards of ethics and integrity in the conduct of its business. Through their responsible behavior, dedication and open communication, AGREYA leadership continues to build credibility within the organization and outside.

The central skills and value-creating capabilities of the leadership, that are the underlying strengths of this organization include; business strategic planning, strategic alliance building, sales and marketing, recruiting, consulting, global operations and project management.


The guiding principles and values that the leadership follows are focused in developing these attributes, within the organization:


        Teamwork and collaboration

         Shared goals, ambition and profits

         Consensus planning and financial prudence

         Delegated ownership, responsibility and accountability

         Outstanding value in products, services and deliverables

         Continuous quality standards and methodologies.

        Due diligence in corporate governance

         Professionalism and best practices in the business

         Openness in relationships and practices

         Equal opportunities in employment

         Fair and balanced policies

This leadership will provide strategic direction, develop business plans, implement programs and shape the organizational growth for AGREYA in the coming years.


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